the rosebuds

NEXT STOP: The Rosebuds' Kelly Crisp

If you've found yourself watching F TO 7TH and paying less attention to the episode and more attention to the cool music, that's understandable. Kelly Crisp and Ivan Howard, old friends of Ingrid's from her North Carolina days, are the brains behind The Rosebuds, a band on the Merge label who have continued to provide their fans with music both palatable and poignant. Here's round two of "Next Stop" - a quickie with musician/writer/performer/funny lady Kelly Crisp.

A fun fact about you. I live in New York and sometimes go to Times Square for fun. Unironically!

I go to JFK for fun sometimes. Buffalo Wild Wings. It's a nice crowd there. Have you been? Had a breakfast beer at a Chili's there once.

I find Chili's salty. Speaking of salty, how did the Rosebuds start out? Our friend had a show and the opening band cancelled so we offered to fill in. We wrote five songs that afternoon and performed them that night. Not very self-conscious or thought-out at all. Everybody liked it and wanted to help. We put those and a couple other songs on a demo we sent to our dream label, Merge Records, and they signed us.

Did a lot of people get jealous? I'm a little jealous even though I'm not a musician. Like I'm jealous right now.Yes, actually. I didn't know about that before, but people can misbehave.

You are recording a new album. Can you talk about that experience and also when you expect it to be released? Ivan and I are meeting in North Carolina this week to work on our demos and rehearse, then we'll go into a studio in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, as soon as the snow melts up there.

Can you sing a little from one of the songs?Dee dee... Where's my key...  Deeeeeeeeeeee. Ahem. [transcribed from surprisingly accurate singing].

I felt that. In my heart a little. Where do you see The Rosebuds in 5 years? Famous, but not dicks.

I'm a dick but not famous. Have you ever tried being like that? Hahahahahaha. Yes, of course.

Has the band ever been involved with film, TV or commercials before? What has that experience been like? Film and TV a little. We've been lucky to have our songs be a part of things we like, or respect, or that make us happy. One of our songs was used in a Spanish commercial advertising dental implants for old people. It ruled.

I'd love a copy of that. If I make a film, will you guys score it?Yes! I will give it a score of A+ !!!