Six Out of Eight

It seemed like just yesterday I was asking family members I hadn't talked to in years to hand over money for a project they knew nothing about. Shit, come to think of it, I don't even know if my aunt knew I was gay, so I guess that means I was asking for money AND coming out.

Either way, F TO 7TH is mostly in the can. I say "mostly" because I don't know what percentage six out of eight would be.

We have two more episodes to shoot, then onto post, where SV Bliss will work her editing magic.

What did I learn? Besides the fact that I can't avoid the charge of being extremely narcissistic (not only do I act in my work, but I play two of me), I am humbled by the sense that filmmaking is not about the finished product; it is about the process that delivers that package. And once the finished product is out in the universe, you can't be precious about it. It will be imperfect and it should be, so get over it and make something else.

A smart guy I know (I won't say who MICHAEL SHOWALTER) said that this career is not a sprint, it's a marathon. I keep that in the index of my brain and look it up once in awhile when I think about what a failure I am, or how successful I could be, or how I used to want to get a chin job and now I don't.

Anyway. Onward.