Season 2 Production Stills: Days 4 & 5

Stills By: Anna Stypko

From top L to R: Ashlie Atkinson ("Alex") and Ingrid rehearse a scene in Episode 2: Going In; Stewart Thorndike makes nice with crew members; "Jehovah's Witnesses" Joe Pan and Bridget Harvey in Episode 1: Nurture; The cutest picture of Annette O'Toole ("Diane" in Episode 1: Nurture) ever; Annette and Ingrid go over lines; DP of Episode 7: Down To Zero Matt Mandelson frames up a shot but Ingrid is in the way; Matt Mendleson and Producer Alex Scharfman move their hands a lot before shooting a scene; The cutest picture of Olympia Dukakis ("Marie" in Episode 7: Down To Zero) ever.